Hi! I’m Nicholas Ratner. I’m a retired credit consultant and funding expert now enjoying the travel lifestyle with my wife. I was in the industry from 1995 to 2011, and I frequently update myself with different rule changes that could be game-changing in the credit, loans, and funding industry. As much as I would like to help people again in terms of consulting and funding, I’m enjoying my schedule free lifestyle too much. I feel that this blog would be a perfect compromise for me to help different people with their credit and funding predicaments without taking too much of my physical time. I could post articles that would be relevant to these financial climates from anywhere in the world shortly after any rule and systemic updates. My goal is to educate people all over, on the different financial techniques that they could use to uplift their lives without breaking the bank. I’ve been on the consulting side of this industry and people like me charge a lot, that’s why I was able to retire this early. Most of the regular folks out there are just at a great disadvantage because of the fee structure that the financial industry has, and it creates a snowball effect that takes away that financial tools from the everyday Joe and Jane. But for me, in my present situation in life where I’m comfortable, I would truly want to give back. I feel that this website is one of the quickest ways for me to give back at the moment. Nothing is written in stones though, but rest assure it would only get better.

For more questions and Inquiries regarding the site you can contact me through email: Nicholas Ratner Email Address in Image File