Legal DIY Dispute Letters

Dispute Letter No more credit repair

 14.7k Views | Find all the dispute letters here from credit all the way to debt negotiation. Never pay a dime to credit repair companies ever. Very simple DIY letters that could save you thousands of dollars. Just follow all the instructions below and mail away. Credit Freeze Letters These letters are crucial to put … Read more

How to get a 720 credit score in 6 months

How to get a 720 credit score in 6 months

 527 Views | Contrary to what most people think, having a good to excellent credit score fast is not that hard. You just need to know the mechanics of how the credit system works, and once you know that, it would be easier to run simulations and scenarios in your head on more or less … Read more

How to get a credit card with no job?

How to get a credit card with no job

 971 Views | Admit it, we Americans love our credit cards. It’s one of those financial tools that have already been embedded in our daily lives since the ’80s. Its cashless convenience, access to low-cost loans, and cash advances have made these cards our financial crutch in good and bad times, so it’s only natural … Read more

How Often Are FICO Scores Updated(?)

How often are fico scores updated

 1.3k Views | You’ve been planning to do a major purchase for a while now and like the financially responsible person that you are you made sure that no rock is left unturned in your credit situation, in order to maximize your savings for the big purchase that the entire family or just you could … Read more

Minimum Credit Score For ATV Loan

Minimum Credit Score for ATV loan

 1.8k Views | Whoever told you that off-roading is not fun is either lying or hasn’t done it at all. Of course, to each is his own, but generally, to get out there in nature with machines that could spike up your adrenaline levels in a split second is very addicting. It’s a relief from … Read more